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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Feb 3, 2019

Author, animal communicator, psychic medium, and radio host Jacqui LeBeau on animal communication – how animals communicate and tips for how we can communicate with them.  Jacqui is the author of “If I could Fly” children’s book and hosts a radio show on WHVR radio.


1.    Animals communicate in pictures.  They also send us feelings.

2.    Trust the messages you get from your animal will help strengthen your ability to communicate with them.

3.    Animals are ecstatic that they can communicate with you and their personalities will come through.

4.    Animal communication tool: Spend time sitting with an animal and petting them.  Visualize a cord coming from your hear to their heart.  Do this 10 minutes a day.  Then try to send a picture picture them.  Use a picture to send to them.  Make it fun!  Relax.  Play the game “If I could understand what my (dog, cat, animal) is saying to me right now, they are saying _______________.”

5.    Get permission before communicating with another person’s animal. 

6.    Is animal communication total bunk?  People can accept animal communication if and when they are ready.  Animals communicate telepathically and a good animal communicator can provide evidence that shows communication with animals is real.

7.    Animals DON’T recognize “negatives.”  Rather, they “see” what you are focusing on.  Rather than telling an animal “Don’t get on the couch,” tell the animal “Stay on the floor” and picture them staying on the floor.

8.    Animals DO understand the energetic force behind a strong “NO!”

9.    Animals have incredible intelligence even though they don’t do the same things that humans do.

10. Animals understand when people are standoff-ish for various reasons such as allergies.


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