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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Sep 15, 2019

Clairaudience and Spirit Humor with Medium Lisa Bousson

Lisa remembers seeing spirit as early as the age of 4.  She learned quickly, from the response of her parents and others around her, not to talk about it – that this was something she was likely going to just keep to herself.

If there are kids who are having...

Jul 7, 2019

Dream Work and Interpretation with Dan Johnson, CPC, CNTC

"The soul thinks in images."  – Aristotle

Think of a bridge.  Our dreams are really a bridge to our waking life.  What’s going on in our dreams is often a reflection of what is going on in our waking life.

Common types of dreams:

  • Unprepared – you...

Jun 2, 2019

Tarot For Your Self: 19 Tips for Reading Tarot PLUS The Life of Tarot Illustrator Pamela Coleman Smith with Mary K. Greer

Tarot is 78 cards that were originally designed as a card game.  In the late 18th century the cards were used for fortune-telling.  56 playing cards plus a set of 21 trump cards (that in the card...

May 19, 2019

Rose Vanden Eynden -- author of So You Want To Be A Medium? -- shares different ways we can communicate with our spirit guides and gives us tips for writing a book.  Welcome to today’s episode of Spirit and Energy Podcast.

Rose has always been very aware of energy and the vibrations of living things.  She did...

May 5, 2019

Travis  Sanders, psychic, medium, and author of Practical Mediumship talks about growing up psychic, tips for your own psychic children, Spiritualism, the gifts and drawbacks of being connected to spirit, tips for strengthening your sixth sense, and the ethics of working with spirit. 

Travis was highly sensitive and...