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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Apr 21, 2019

Geraldine’s became interested in Tarot after having a Tarot reading herself that was so accurate and powerful that she felt she had to learn more about Tarot.  She later moved to Hawaii and met her teacher who was a Spiritualist, a Kahuna, and a Master at the Tarot.  This teacher taught Geraldine about the spiritual aspect of the Tarot.  The Tarot taught Geraldine how her own inner psyche was contributing to her life.

  1. Tarot is a pictorial picture of the story of our lives, from the time we are born until we die.  A language of the unconscious mind.  A telephone to the images that are in our unconscious mind.
  2. The unconscious mind speaks and thinks in images.   Aristotle even said the soul thinks in images.
  3. The Tarot allows us to discover the patterns in our lives, what is driving us, so we can consciously act toward what it is we want to create.  Tarot helps us claim our power and put us in a place of choice rather than victimhood.
  4. The real gifts of the Tarot are what the Tarot can teach us about the processes of the unconscious mind.  What part of myself am I not seeing that is projecting outward in creating my life experience?
  5. In working with Tarot on your own, you can ask the cards a question and pull a Tarot card, let the card speak to you, do some journaling, have a conversation with the image, ask the card or image what its message is for you, draw the card, paint it, and pick a card a day and use it as a filter through which you experience the day’s activities and events.
  6. There are many meanings for each card.  The meaning can be influenced by many things including its position in a spread, the cards around it, the client you are reading for, and the question that the client has asked the reader.
  7. Geraldine has more than 200 Tarot decks, each deck an interpretation by the creator and artists for that particular deck.
  8. Cut your teeth on Rider Waite Smith deck but choose Tarot decks that really speak to you to work with.  Begin by working with the 22 Major Arcana and the 4 Aces.
  9. Formulating the question is very important for a valuable Tarot reading.  Avoid using the word “should” in your question because it is limiting your power and sense of choice.  The best questions are specific and open-ended.  You want to be careful NOT to reinforce a victim mentality.
  10. Think about Tarot as fortune-creation rather than fortune-telling.  The Tarot helps us to “possibilize” the future.
  11. Why do we use Tarot?  Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it “fate.” – Carl Jung
  12. A good Tarot reader will educate potential clients on how he or she works and how to formulate questions to get the most from a reading.
  13. Geraldine is an ordained minister in Divine Metaphysics.  Divine Metaphysics believes there is an energy field or universal divine intelligence.  It teaches the power of the mind is huge and that many of us are using only a very small percentage of our mind.  We are creators of the life we have. 
  14. The power is not in the Tarot cards – they are simply paper.  Rather, it’s the power of our mind and the power of spirit that is able to speak to us and through us with Tarot images. 
  15. Geraldine’s favorite cards are The Hermit and The Chariot.  The light that the Hermit holds is really that divine light within us.  The spiritual path is really connecting to that divine light within.  The energy of The Chariot can help us to be in charge of our destiny.
  16. The minor arcana have to do with everyday life.  Major Arcana cards represent the big picture, spiritual forces. 
  17. A Tarot reading can take your intuitive spark or idea and help you grow it into something fantastic.

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