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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Jan 5, 2020

Spirit and Energy Podcast presents:
Manifesting, Intuition, and Transformational Presence with Alan Seale

Intuition is simply paying attention. Alan integrates the voice of intuition into everything he does throughout the day and anchors his connection to intuition through meditation each morning.

Manifesting is simply the alignment of energy. Alignment of thought, intention, action, everything about your being is aligned with what is trying to happen. What is trying to happen may be a “bigger” energy than what you individually want to happen. Think in terms of “Are you talking to life, or are you letting life talk to you?”

When you align with the bigger energy of “what’s trying to happen,” that energy wave will carry you vs. you trying to force something to happen.

“Push Against or Partner With” tool below helps you to shift your relationship with an ongoing challenge and helps you to pay attention to what is really trying to happen:

  1. Think of something that is you are having a hard time with right now.  
  2. For just a moment, try pushing against it. Try to make something happen. Notice what happens in your body and your breath. Feel the energy of “push against it – make something happen.” [It often feels exhausting.]
  3. Take a moment to shake off/clear yourself of that experience.
  4. Now take another breath, and imagine you can drop down beneath the challenge or lift yourself up above it – a place where you can just observe.
  5. Pay attention. Notice what you are observing. Notice what’s trying to happen. There’s a message trying to come through or a shift that is trying to happen.
  6. What happens if you partner with what is trying to happen? Let it carry you. Whatever it wants you to know, whatever it’s asking of you, say “Yes” to that.
  7. Notice what happens in your body now, what has shifted. [Often feels lighter, relaxed.]

Pay attention to your body – it is talking to you all the time. We are in dialogue with our intuition all the time – they key is to pay attention to it and trust it.

Transformational Presence is creating the optimal conditions that allows transformation and the greatest potential to happen. “Presence” is how you show up and what people experience when you show up. Transformation means “change across form.” “Change” happens from the outside. “Transformation” happens on the inside and working from the inside out. It’s a shift in vibrational frequency or pattern.

While there are many viewpoints on leadership – first you follow a leader, then you lead yourself in what you want to do, then you lead others. Few leadership paradigms recognize that the “potential” or “what’s wants to happen” is actually the leader.

To strengthen your own Transformational Presence, Listen at all levels – listen to those you lead, listen to the environment in which you operate, listen and pay attention to the energy of “what is trying to happen”.

Here's a simple process that will also help you strengthen your transformational presence:

  1. What wants to happen? [What’s the opportunity that’s available to you right now?]
  2. So who is that asking you to be? [Who is this opportunity asking you to be?]
  3. What’s this opportunity asking you to do? [What’s the next step? The next step is all you need.]
  4. After you’ve taken that next step, notice now what wants to happen. Then repeat the process by going back to Question 2.


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Alan’s books include: Intuitive Living, Soul Mission Life Vision, The Manifestation Wheel, and Transformational Presence

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