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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Mar 17, 2019

Medium Connie Griffith, a former Engineer and Construction Project Manager, shares her mediumistic journey and tips for experiencing spirit every day and at work.

  1. Lily Dale, NY is the largest center for the practice of Spiritualism in western New York and a wonderful place to visit in the summer and take classes.
  2. Connie was a scientific person and said “Yes!” to career opportunities as they came up.  She is an Industrial Engineer with an MBA whose career was focused on logic and science but in a field that dealt with human nature.
  3. When you’re curious about something, the Universe finds the answers.
  4. Lily Dale is a Spiritualist Community and the purpose is to connect with those in spirit as proof that we are more than physical beings and bring hope, upliftment, and encouragement.
  5. Connie’s first experience receiving a message from a medium was relevant, meaningful, and gave her guidance.  Her curiosity wanted to know how the medium was getting this information and where it was coming from.
  6. Connie tried to keep her work with spirit separate from her project work.  She avoided spiritual discussion in projects.  It’s part of her mission to integrate all aspects of herself.
  7. Advice for folks working in engineering or corporate type jobs who have a yearning for working with spirit:  (a)  Owning your sense of connection with spirit or spirituality makes you stronger and makes people in your presence more comfortable with it.  (b)  Spirit looks out for us, giving us impressions or communications to help us even while we are at work.
  8. How spirit communicates with us differs from person to person.  You might hear spirit, feel spirit, see an image or symbol, and/or get a message in your dreams.  Just pay attention and be aware. 
  9. Spirit can be very humorous in how it communicates with you!
  10. Trusting what you are getting from spirit is a big step in strengthening spirit communication.
  11. A business leader can benefit from a reading on a personal level as well as possible business issues you may not fully have knowledge about.
  12. One of the biggest misconceptions people have is they expect mediums to know everything and know all their secrets . . . and that’s simply not true. 

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