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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Sep 15, 2019

Clairaudience and Spirit Humor with Medium Lisa Bousson

Lisa remembers seeing spirit as early as the age of 4.  She learned quickly, from the response of her parents and others around her, not to talk about it – that this was something she was likely going to just keep to herself.

If there are kids who are having psychic or mediumistic experiences, it’s important for their parents to learn how to talk about these experiences with their children.  Having psychic or mediumistic insight is very natural for us as human beings and children would benefit from learning that their experiences are “normal”.  The numerous television shows that feature mediums and psychics do help the general population understand this is a real, and oftentimes normal, experience to have.

Lisa perceives much of her mediumship clairaudiently, meaning she “hears” spirit, but most everything she receives is filtered through clairsentience – how she feels or how her body feels about what she is hearing (clairaudiently) or seeing (clairvoyantly).  In other words, her clairaudience informs her other senses of perceiving spirit.

Lisa “hears” spirit both inside her head as well as spirit messages that seem to be coming from a source outside of her head.  She can receive as much as several sentences clairaudiently.  In contrast, Lisa also experiences spirit through claircognizance, when means “clear knowing” or a sense of knowing something with certainty.  When she gets a message through claircognizance, Lisa often just gets a word or two from spirit.

When Lisa is perceiving spirit clairaudiently, it’s like she’s reading herself a story silently.  She now experiences the energy of her own thoughts and ideas as different than the energy that accompanies spirit speaking to her clairaudiently.

When developing your mediumship, one of the biggest hurdles is to not care if you are right or not – just give the messages that you receive.  Practicing with an element of playfulness helps you be easy on yourself and makes you less self-conscious about being “right”.  Your accuracy will develop much faster if you simply trust the messages and impressions that you receive.

When spirit brings forth answers, it’s always “truth”.  Spirit may tease or have fun with you, but spirit never lies.  You get to set how you are going to communicate with spirit – you are in the driver’s seat.

Spirit communicated with us in a way that is similar to a game of “mental charades.” 

Working with spirit gives you a larger world view, a “big picture lens” through which you view the world which results in a stronger sense of freedom. 

Because mediums and psychics can be highly sensitive, it’s very helpful to have a strong sense of centeredness and to ground yourself when doing work with spirit. 

How to develop or strengthen your clairaudience (your ability to “hear” spirit):

q  Pay attention to random thoughts that pop into your head and keep a journal of these

q  Take note of EVERYTHING you are hearing

Spirit’s messages are not meant to instill fear.  Rather, think of Spirit working in your favor.  If Spirit whispers to you to call your grandfather, it may be just a reminder to spend time with your grandfather and tell him you love him.  Spirit’s messages are not to be feared.

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