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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Apr 7, 2019

Author, medium, intuitive, and ordained minister Madgelyn Hawk shares her experiences with reincarnation and what it was like growing up in a psychic family. 


  1. Madgelyn Hawk is an ordained minister, medium, psychic, and the author of When The Mourning Dove Cries, a book that chronicles her past life experiences as a slave on a Tennessee plantation.  (Please note:  “When The Mourning Dove Cries” was written and published without editing.  Therefore, typos and other grammatical issues remain intact.)
  2. Growing up psychic and mediumistic was very natural in Madgelyn’s family.  She was giving messages in front of Spiritualist churches since the age of 7.
  3. If you have a child who is waking up to his/her psychic ability, consider having the child work with a counselor who is familiar and comfortable with psychic or mediumistic phenomena.  Also have the child and parents work with a medium or psychic so the parents can become more comfortable with the child and his/her ability. 
  4. Madgelyn didn’t really pay much attention to her physical body until age 18.
  5. Madgelyn has always believed in past lives and reincarnation.  When a friend took her to Belle Meade Plantation in Tennessee she had vivid recollection of being there in a past life.  After visiting the plantation she was unable to sleep as she kept having a recollection of this past life.
  6. When The Mourning Dove Cries, the title of Madgelyn Hawk’s book, is based on the cry of the mourning dove that slaves would make to indicate another of their own has escaped to freedom.
  7. What if someone is skeptical of reincarnation?  It’s the skeptic’s prerogative to not believe in reincarnation.  For folks who are intrigued, they can do some investigation on their own to see if reincarnation rings true.
  8. One of the outcomes of remembering past lives is to help you heal a situation you are experiencing now in your present life.
  9. Madgelyn’s children, even when they were young, shared details of past lives that she investigated and found to be true.
  10. Tools for recalling a past life:  (1) Pay attention to reoccurring dreams and write those down.  (2) Meditate regularly.  (3) Journal your thoughts and impressions.  (4) Work with a qualified professional in uncovering a past life.  (5) Always use your best judgment when working with past life information and with qualified professionals.  (6) DO NOT USE PAST LIFE EXPLORATION AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR WORKING WITH A QUALIFIED THERAPIST.
  11. How do you know you are not “making it up” when you remember a past life?  It is likely a past life memory if it is a reoccurring dream or memory . . . or a vision/memory you just can’t shake.  For verification purposes you can ask your intuition if you if this is a valid past life memory or, better yet,  research what you’ve identified to see if you can find corroborating factual evidence.  
  12. Ask yourself, "How does this past life memory help me with a situation or circumstance I am facing today?"

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