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Spirit and Energy Podcast

May 5, 2019

Travis  Sanders, psychic, medium, and author of Practical Mediumship talks about growing up psychic, tips for your own psychic children, Spiritualism, the gifts and drawbacks of being connected to spirit, tips for strengthening your sixth sense, and the ethics of working with spirit. 

Travis was highly sensitive and aware of his connection to the spirit and psychic realms at a very early age.  Always aware of his connection with spirit, Travis started having back and forth dialogue with spirit when he was older.  Most people were intrigued by him and supportive.

If you have a child who has a strong connection to his or her psychic ability, Travis recommends engaging them as if it were a normal experience to have.  Don’t push the child on their psychic impressions and, by the same token, don’t ignore the child’s psychic impressions.  Hold a space for them without judgment.

When he was younger, Travis was on the TV show “Psychic Kids” and later apprenticed with one of the adult mediums on the show, learning forensic mediumship.  This medium introduced Travis to Spiritualism.  During his visit to Lily Dale, NY, Travis decided he was 100% “in” with Spiritualism.

Travis feels passionate about letting younger people know what Spiritualism is.

What significant events or people stand out to Travis in Spiritualist history:

  • Hudson Tuttle lived in Berlin Heights, OH and invented the precursor to the Spirit Board called a Psychograph, a planchette-like device with a dial in the middle.  He was an incredible writing medium and his wife Emma Rude was a Trance Medium.   Together they started the first Spiritualist publishing company in the United States.
  • Jonathan Koons from Athens, OH was a farmer and a medium and the first medium known to use the device known as a spirit trumpet to aid the phenomena of direct voice.

Travis gets psychic and mediumistic information through clairvoyance (sight) and clairsentience (feeling).  He is working on strengthening his clairaudience (hearing) to continually improve his mediumship skills. Travis believes mediums can get in a rut if they are not continually challenging themselves in finding new ways of perceiving spirit and deepening the evidence you get from spirit. 

The gifts of working with spirit and being in tune with the spiritual realm include never feeling alone, being able to discern what is the right decision or what is right for you.  When someone is very empathic or very connected to spirit, it can be challenging to create boundaries with others (and have those boundaries accepted).  It can also be frustrating in dating life when you just know, from the outset, that your date is not a fit for you. 

Accessing spirit can be a very simple process because we are, by nature, spirit.  Sometimes rituals can be helpful and sometimes rituals can be a hindrance. 

Spirit can bring levity through their interaction to uplift you during a rough time.

If you are working with spirit, they will always provide you with what you need.  It may not be what you want, but spirit will provide what you need.  If you show up for spirit, spirit will always show up for you.

Travis wrote Practical Mediumship as the book he wished he had when he was first starting out on his journey.  It’s very practical in its approach and covers the mechanics of connecting with spirit so you can prove to yourself that communicating with spirit is your birthright.

Tips for strengthening your sixth sense: 

  • Take a deep exploration of all of your five senses. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Sit in a Development Circle on a regular basis to improve your mediumship.

To keep grounded: 

  • Recognize we are body, mind, and spirit. 
  • Engage the body -- go for a walk, do yoga, stretch, eat some healthy food.
  • Take time to engage your human experience.

Ethics:  Never approach someone and give them a reading or spirit message without being asked for a reading first.

Needing adequate “alone time” is common for those who are sensitive to the energy of others.

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