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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Dec 3, 2018

Ann Betz shares ideas on consciousness and the intersection of neuroscience and human transformation. Tools to elevate our consciousness based on neuroscience research. She is the lead author of the book Integration and is co-founder of BEabove Leadership.

  1. Positive reinforcement taps discretionary effort
  2. 7 Levels of Effectiveness and the impact on our energy (life depleting or life sustaining)
  3. Our brain receptors are not just in our head
  4. Our body informs the brain
  5. The quality of my contribution feeds my soul
  6. The gift of being a "friendly introvert"
  7. It's the quality of people's vibration that impacts my energy
  8. Being present and checking in with your self without judgment will keep you centered and help any unpleasantness pass more quickly.

Ann Betz: and  Twitter: @beabovecoach

Dan Johnson: and  Twitter: @danjohnsonpm