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Spirit and Energy Podcast

Jan 20, 2019

Deanna Fitzpatrick on how hypnosis opened up her mediumship ability.  Spirit comes to us in themes, spirit’s humor, tuning into the “frequency” of spirit, and how each of us works with spirit differently.  Deanna works with clients in person, over the phone, on the radio, in small group gatherings, and in theater settings.

  1. It’s challenging to answer the question “What do you do?” when you are a medium.
  2. Hypnosis opened Deanna up to seeing spirit
  3. Psychic work focuses on what’s happening in our life.  Mediumistic work is communicating with spirit people on the other side – their energy, information, and messages. 
  4. Psychic information “pops in” in pictures or feelings
  5. Deanna experiences mediumship information through sight, hearing, feelings, and thought (telepathy). 
  6. We all experience spirit differently and that is OK!
  7. Some people are freaked out when they first experience spirits who have crossed over while others are very curious about it when it happens.
  8. Spirit can come to us in themes, such as spirits who passed over from a drug overdose or consistent messages of forgiveness.    
  9. Spirit doesn’t hold on to how they passed, only we on earth tend to focus on how someone passed. 
  10. Spirit can be very humorous in getting our attention – like a spirit riding a tricycle down the aisle to make sure the medium pays attention to him or her.
  11. Readings given over the radio have to be very quick
  12. Spirit communication is frequency-driven, which allows a medium to do readings over the radio, phone, or in person.
  13. Sensing all the energy in a large gathering such as a stadium or a pool can be challenging for someone who is tuned into energy. 
  14. Introversion is about what gives us energy, not about being shy.  There are shy extraverts and assertive introverts.  There are many misconceptions about introverts. 
  15. Being connected to spirit feeds the soul.  As does doing creative projects like photography, painting.
  16. Empathy lives in the right brain but the West emphasizes the left brain, which tends to “phase out” our empathetic way of being.

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