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Spirit and Energy Podcast

May 19, 2019

Rose Vanden Eynden -- author of So You Want To Be A Medium? -- shares different ways we can communicate with our spirit guides and gives us tips for writing a book.  Welcome to today’s episode of Spirit and Energy Podcast.

Rose has always been very aware of energy and the vibrations of living things.  She did not grow up in a household where that was embraced or encouraged.

Working with spirit has taught Rose that we are never alone.  We have our own spirit guides and teachers as well as angelic energies.  We have our own loved ones who passed into the spirit world who are there with us and are never more than a thought away.   Spirit has also taught Rose to be much more compassionate about other people’s spiritual journeys.

Spirit guides are energies that each individual has around them.  These energies could have incarnated in a physical body at some point.  They could have been with the person in other lifetimes.  Or even members of person’s family who have transitioned to the other side and have made a commitment helping the person in his or her spiritual journey.

When Rose says “spirit guides are energies” she is referring to the consciousnesses of different types of beings.

Rose believes before we incarnated into this lifetime we have members of our own soul group in the “in between” and sit with them and we make decisions on how we want to interact with each other.  Our spirit guides are part of that meeting.

Spirit guides can communicate with us through all of our senses including our psychic sense.

Many spirit guides have incarnated on earth before, which makes them helpful to us.

In a “like attracts like” universe, some of our spirit guides are attracted or connected to us because we share similar traits and interests.

Everyone has spirit guides, even if we don’t believe in them or use them. 

You have to give your guides permission to work with you.  You have to ask your spirit guides to do things for you.

Don’t spirit guides have better things to do?  Spirit guides have freedom of choice.  They serve as our guides out of great love and commitment. 

Rose believes each of us has more than one spirit guide and that spirit guides come in and out of our lives based on what we need or are asking for.   Examples of spirit guides include a healing guide and a joy guide.

Ways to connect to our guides:  Set an intention to get to know your spirit guides – who they are, how they are working with you in this lifetime, how you can work best together with your spirit guides.  Set an intention such as “I easily connect with spirit” or “I easily communicate with my spirit guides.”  Reduce distractions and become more aware of our surroundings and our own personal energy.  You’ll notice differences in energies and thoughts that aren’t your own but rather are your spirit guides communicating with you.  Spirit communication is subtle so you have to have keen awareness to pick up on it.

Meditation quiets the mind and helps you sense subtle changes and the subtle communication from a spirit guide.

Communication with spirit guides is conversational – that means you can initiate conversation, ask questions, and create a dialogue with spirit rather than simply being passive and waiting for spirit guides to talk to you.

A spirit guide’s answer to your question may come to you as a color, a song, a book title, a phrase, a single word, or an inspiration that you have.  Many people dismiss these messages from spirit guides as they think they are making it up.

You can write out your dialogue or conversation with a spirit guide. 

Regardless of the method you use to communicate with spirit guides, trusting what you receive is a big part of that communication.

It was a thrill for Rose to see one of her book -- So You Want To Be A Medium? – in the hands of a character on a television show.

Rose’s tips for those who want to write a book:  Write every day, even if it is just morning pages first thing in the morning.  You have to like writing and you have to have something you want to say or convey to others.

Rose is inspired by England, Aurthurian Legend, and helping women empower themselves.  She founded a Spiritualist church in Cincinnati, OH which is still operating.  She’s also written a play about the Fox Sisters.

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